Smoked and Grilled Meats

Here are the types of meat we currently offer:

Beautiful Beef Brisket

We hand select premium cuts of brisket and inject it with our own marinade and let that rest for over 12 hours. We then coat it in our signature dry rub and slow smoked with cherry and oak for over 13 hours. The end result is a mouthwatering cut of beef that melts in your mouth. Be the talk of your next BBQ and order some award winning brisket today.

$20 per pound

Perfect Pulled Pork

Our premium pork shoulder is brined to perfection in a flavorful, apple-infused mixture, hand-rubbed with our signature seasoning blend, and then slow smoked for a minimum of 12 hours over a blend of apple and pecan wood. Perfectly charred on the outside and oh-so juicy on the inside! Who even needs a bun?

$12 per pound

Remarkable Ribs

Remarkable Ribs: We pride ourselves in showcasing authentic, down-home, Texas-style, competition ready, barbecue ribs. Hand-rubbed with our signature seasoning blend and slow-smoked for several hours over glowing embers of hickory, mesquite, and apple woods, our ribs are then ready to be basted in our proprietary sauces – mild and tangy or sweet and spicy.

$20 per Rack

Tastiest Turkey

Who says BBQ can’t be healthy?! Our bone-in turkey breast is sure to please your taste buds as well as your diet! It all starts with a citrus brine, rubbed with an aromatic blend of brown sugar and spices, and slow-smoked to perfection. Our smoked turkey is available in bone-in, whole or breast portions.

Market Price

Satisfying Skirt Steak

Can’t wait for Taco Tuesday? No problem! Satisfy your taco cravings with our melt-in-your mouth skirt steak. Marinated for a minimum of 12 hours in our special blend of citrus and spices and then carefully charcoal grilled to perfection, you’ll want tacos every day of the week!

$24 per pound

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